Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Woman Injured in Two Dog Bite Attack

October 19, 2011 (by Horatio Algren) According to reports a woman was attacked by two dogs in Colton while walking her own Sheppard puppies.

According to authorities two dogs attacked a woman identified as Gina Palumbo was walking her two Sheppard puppies in the 200 block of East O Street in Colton. The woman’s 11 year old son helped the woman chase the dogs away by using a skate board, hitting one of the dogs to get it off of his mother.

The dogs have been quarantined at an animal shelter in San Bernardino and the pair is believed to be American Bulldogs.

According to authorities the dogs broke through a back fence and then a second fence to get to Palumbo and the two dogs she was walking.

Palumbo, who was hospitalized, suffered injuries to her leg and chest. She stated that she was afraid of the two large dogs and her son hit one of the dogs with the skateboard causing it to back off, he then slammed the skateboard to the ground, scaring the dogs more.

According to the dog’s owner Joanna Holguin, she witnessed the attack and the dogs did not listen to her screams for them to stop. She stated she feels like it was her fault, but that it wasn’t it was the dogs fault.

Palumbo believes that both of the dogs that attacked her should be euthanized.

to Colton Police the owner could face charges of having unlicensed dogs and charges related to having vicious animals. To learn more about dog bit law, call 213.596.9642 at Ehline Law Firm PC.

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