Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dog Bite Injury Attorneys Are Next After the Emergency Room

When a person, especially a small child or little one is bitten, we know that we must rush our kids to the hospital. But there are also some other things that we need to think about. It seems that most of the cases that come my way, seem to be where another person's dog bit a child in the face.

These are tragic situations. Sometimes it is a visiting family member who brought their dog, others, the assault takes place while you are visiting a friend, relative, or at a dog park. What you need to understand by now, adult or infant, is that you must get medical care, and probably psychological care depending upon your constitution.

Most people, no matter how bold in character, are not lawyers. Some lawyers are specially trained through years of handling these types of cases. Some lawyers understand some of the this interesting area of law. Most do not understand much of it. After the hospital, you need to get legal help with massive amounts of experience taking on these cases. There are some very interesting issues that have to do with coverage, eg, getting you paid, that only a special operator like Michael Ehline should be doing for you.

You are visiting the Ehline Law dog bite blog, which is the specialized canine attack blog from one of the most well respected personal injury firms in the Los Angeles area, precisely because of our attention to success. We have handled many types of animal caused injuries, especially bites.

The most common bites that we see are from dogs, which could cause severe injury or disfigurement. There is no reason that a dangerous dog is allowed to interact with the public and cause harm to an innocent passerby or child. With the risk of severe injury increasing sharply for kids, keeping them safe is of paramount importance.

When bit by a dog, there is often need for immediate medical attention. The bite itself could cause severe lacerations down to the bone. Sometimes the twisting motion of the jaw can mangle soft tissue or hands.

There are also cases where puncture wounds could cause many problems, including the risk of infection. Even when the wound heals, it could leave long, visible scars on different parts of the body. Those injured in such a manner, especially younger people, could face severe emotional trauma.

Ehline Law works to get you medical coverage, even if you do not have medical insurance. Our skilled attorneys can even in some cases, find qualified doctors to treat you, and possibly even front part of the money we are allowed by law, in order for you to make sure you are on the path to recovery. We also work on contingency, so that we don't get paid unless we recover for you.

No matter what your injury, we will do our best to determine how and why the accident happened, including the liability incurred by the animal owner or controller. We can find out if the dog has been improperly cared for, including lack of medical care. We can also ascertain if the hound has been maltreated or has no proper training for interacting with strangers.

No matter what the cause, we will make sure that these facts come to light. This makes paying for the cost of medical care and long term suffering easier and more manageable. No matter what you do, if you or someone you know was bitten by a bad dog, get medical attention, get stabilized, and get an attorney. Call one today for more information about one can help you and your loved ones get through these difficult times.

Most of the time consultations with lawyers that help in dog bite lawsuits, are free and can even be done over the phone. Of course, conversations between your lawyer and your are legally confidential, and your lawyer does not hold the privilege, you do. So if you are here in the country illegally, it doesn't matter, our founders believed that rights were inherent and given by a Creator.

Government must yield to the natural rights of man to be made whole when another person has caused the visitor an offense. The government instead, will preside over a claim in negligence, in a court of law, unless the parties can resolve the case first, by the defendant, his insurance carrier(s), his trustee, or whomever else is the person responsible to pay the victim. Payment of money to the victim, or to the survivors is the object.

Because many dog owners do not have assets, or large policies of insurance, many of the victims are never fully compensated. This is why we need to look for the landlord who is aware of a dangerous dog on the property. Here, you may be able to open up a large policy of insurance. Just one example.

The moral of the story is, get a lawyer after you get treated, and work with your counsel to achieve justice. 

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