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Dog Breeds Often Involved in Attacks

It is true that any breed of dog can bite and especially if the owner has not trained the canine properly or controls it around other people. The dog can be large or small, but be vicious around other people besides their owners; age does not make a difference either, so being young or old will not stop a canine from biting. Any of these animals have the ability to attack, injuring a child or adult in the process and one of the canines whose breed is often the subject of terror for people is the Pit Bull, which is a terrier breed.

This dog breed is responsible for a larger percentage of serious canine attacks that result in lengthy hospital stays and in some situations death. This is a canine which has a muscular body and extremely strong jaws and they are often subjected to abuse by their owners in order to make them vicious.

When Pit Bulls Attack

When Pit Bull canines attack the injuries can be severe and in some cases deadly, which has led to some municipalities either limiting or banning this type of pet ownership to reduce the amount of incidences that occur within their county or district. There are other municipalities that have attempted to establish this type of ban or limitation of ownership of this breed of canines has not been successful in other cities.

Study Data

The Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs, has complied data to show dog bite attacks in specific areas, like Denver, Colorado where during 2007 the most common breeds of dogs involved in attacks or that bit humans was surprising with:
  • Labrador Retrievers were responsible for 13.3 percent of dog bites.
  • Pit Bulls came in at 8.4 percent. 
  • German Shepherds at 7.8 percent. 
  • Rottweilers at 3.9 percent 
  • Chow canines at 3.5 percent.

Breed and Appearance

Labradors being the leading canines in dog bite attacks is surprising, since these types of dogs are generally believed to be mild natured, good family pets and good with children. One of the main problems is that canines can become aggressive as a consequence of their training and the owner of the canine can be held responsible for the dog’s actions. This is a reason why it should never be assumed that any breed of canine is safe, friendly and does not ever attack, even if they are usually a good natured friendly breed. Even appearance when the animal looks like it is friendly is not a guarantee that it will not bite.

In many states, including California it is not necessary for the plaintiff to show that the canine has a prior history of attacks. Though, the defendant may use the fact that the dog has never been vicious and has never bitten before. If the owner of the canine has knowledge of a history of aggressive actions by the dog and fails to control the animal it may be considered aggregating circumstances, which can result in the dog bite attack victim recovering punitive damages.

Legal Assistance

The top Los Angeles, Southern California dog bite injury attorneys at Ehline law, have experience, litigation skills and resources to represent dog bite attack victims in cases involving aggressive canine breeds. Often one of the documents they will obtain during their investigation is the animals veterinary records that may show aggressive behavior, which can be used in negotiating with the owners insurance company or in civil court. In cases that involve larger canines, such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and German Shepherds it takes an accomplished legal professional to ensure the plaintiff recovers the future medial compensation that may be necessary for ongoing medical treatment, surgeries or therapy. 

The goal is to make certain the client is able to heal without the financial stress that an injury of this kind can cause with medical expenses, loss of wages and other damages. Expert litigators can assist the family that has lost a loved one in a dog bite attack to hold the canine owner responsible for the animal’s actions.

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