Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Elderly Amputee Dies After Dog Attack

I am still doing the research on SC dog bite law. But in California, when a dog attacks, the owner and controller of the dog is strictly liable for the attack. Some states have a one bite rule. So let's see how this pans out. The facts are as follows: A South Carolina 80 year-old double amputee has died from injuries suffered during an attack by four dogs that drug the elderly man from his wheelchair, according to authorities.

Major John Garrison spokesman for the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department said that on May 8th Carlton Freeman of Harleyville was riding in his motorized wheelchair when he was attacked by the canines. Garrison said an incident report states that Freeman said he was drug from his wheelchair during the attack. The attack occurred in a location approximately 50 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina. Freeman said in the report the dogs were biting him and pulling on his clothes. Freeman died on Sunday from the injuries sustained during the dog attack.

Tuesday Coroner Chris Nesbit stated the elderly man had both legs amputated at the knee from an injury that happened years before. The coroner said in a statement that Freeman had bites and lacerations over his entire body and he said he was surprised the elderly man lived as long as he did. He said it was sad, but was even worse because Freeman was “basically helpless during the attack, since he was a bi-lateral amputee.”

According to Maj. Garrison officers were able to capture three of the four dogs, which were taken to the animal shelter. He said officers are still trying to locate the fourth dog involved in the attack. Three of the four dogs were owned by a woman that lived in the neighborhood, according to a police report that also stated blood was found on the dogs.

Police have not made any arrests in the dog attack and death of Mr. Freeman. Authorities said this is the second fatal dog mauling in the county in a little over 12 months, with the first attack in 2012 involving a 2 year-old child that was pulled from a baby swing by the family dog, while the baby’s father was asleep. The child was killed and dismembered in the attack.  


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