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Dog Bite Prevention Week

This last week was National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which is sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service. This comes on the heels of a recently released study that names California the number one state for dog bites. This is not surprising to Ehline Law dog bite attorneysthough it is upsetting to know harm of this type is what rated their state as number one. The other states that are included in the top ten and follow California are Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Florida and Georgia. 
This study shows the millions of dollars paid out in insurance claims for canine bites or attacks that occurred during the year of 2012. 
During 2012 the number of dog bites reported was 451 and insurance claims costing $17.1 million in insurance payouts. The state of Illinois coming in second had approximately $9 million dollars less in insurance claims and over 100 less canine bites reported with 337 during the year of 2012. 
The reported national average during 2012 for reported victims bitten by dogs was approximately $4.5 million insurance claim payouts. They are also responsible for five percent of hospital emergency room visits nationwide. In the United States there are an estimated 70 million canines nationwide. 
Figures from the U.S. Post Office during 2012 were 5,879 mail carriers that were bitten by dogs and the postal service is quick to state that children are more often the victims of this kind of harm, even over the number of mail carriers sustaining harm. Reportedly this is the most common kind of injury that children suffer as a public health issue in the U.S. The U.S. Post Office is sponsoring National Dog Bite Prevention Week in order to bring attention to this problem and educate people how to behave in a situation that could result in a canine biting. 
Dogs are loyal, wonderful and intelligent animals, Dr. Douglas G. Aspros president of the American Veterinary Medical Association said. He said that dogs rely on their owners to be responsible and teach them how to act around people, but when an owner is irresponsible and the dog bites, the owner should be held negligently responsible. This is even more important when the canine is dangerous or has aggressive tendencies and has an owner not doing the proper training; they need to be held responsible. 
Dr. Aspros stated how important it is to have an understanding of canine behavior and the way people should act when they are around them, which could reduce the amount of serious physical and emotional harm that occurs when dogs bite. There are some tips that have been provided by the U.S. Post Office involving dogs and while some may have been heard before they can never be heard often enough. These tips include not approaching strange dogs and use caution interacting with dogs you do not know. If you believe that a dog may bite or attack, it is suggested to avoid screaming or running from the animal and stand still with your arms at your sides. Do not directly look the dog in the eye, this may be seen as challenging the animal, instead avoid direct eye contact until the canine loses interest and walks away. In the event that the canine does attack, put your jacket or any other item between you and the animal, which may cause them to take that to attack. This will give the individual time to back away, but do not run, since this would bring immediate and unwanted attention from the dog. If the individual is on the ground or ends up on the ground, then it is suggested to be essential to remain motionless and curl up in a fetal position. 
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Dog on a Leash

Dog on a Leash
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