Thursday, January 26, 2012

Six Year Old Loses Part of Ear in Bull Mastiff Dog Bite Attack

January 25, 2012 - Most of you know I do dog bite cases. I have kids myself and I am always blown away at owners who are so irresponsible to allow something like this to happen. According to reports a six year old boy lost part of his ear when attacked by a Bull Mastiff.

According to authorities a Moreno Valley mother, her six year old son and a nine month old infant in a stroller were walking when the dog bite attack occurred on Indian Street. Authorities stated the dog that attacked the boy and his mother was a 120 pound Bull Mastiff that came out of an unsecured gated.

The six year old boy identified as _________, Jr. suffered scalp wounds and lost part of an ear in the attack and his mother was bitten on the leg, while trying to fight the dog off of her son authorities stated. They said that the injuries the boy and his mother suffered are not life threatening and the infant in the stroller was not harmed in the dog bite attack.

The Bull Mastiff was taken into the custody by animal control officials, after the attack and plan to euthanize the 120 dog after holding it for ten days to ensure it does not have rabies or other disease that could be transferred. _____________ underwent surgery to reattach the piece of ear that was damaged in the dog attack.

I just want to remind parents. I always carry mace or pepper spray when walking outside with the family. Dogs are sometimes out of control and they are stealthy. If they get the jump on you, you can die. One of my clients, busted his hand on a pitbull's head to thwart off an attack. Never turn your back on a dog and NEVER look at one in the eye. And stay away from dogs that are chained. Chained doges feel trapped and they become dangerous.

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