Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dog Bites in San Francisco Are Not Uncommon

Dog Bites in San Francisco are not uncommon and they are a problem for the victim because dog bites can be severe and take weeks or months to heal from. This is an injury that will require immediate medical care and it can mean ongoing medical care because this is an injury that can also be a high risk for infection. It is also an injury that can cause severe scarring that could require corrective surgery after the injuries are healed.

The common injuries San Francisco personal injury attorneys find that dog bite victims suffer can include puncture wounds, gashes, skin tears, broken bones, lacerations and bruising. The dog bite attack can be vicious, but it doesn’t have to be in order to cause harm to the human it bites because the skin is no match for the sharp teeth of the canine.

There are some rules that the person facing a dog that might bite can use to try to avoid being attacked and these are:

• Not running when coming up on a canine that could result in a dog bite attack, but instead back away slowly.
• Never stare at a dog; they view this as a threat if they are a canine that will attack and this could promote a dog bite attack.

These two things alone could help to avoid a dog bite attack, plus using common sense and not running from the canine because they can use this as a reason to chase their intended victim and they will surely outrun the human. Dog Bites in San Diego are not uncommon and they are not uncommon in any other town or city.

The victim of a dog bite attack does have the legal right to hold the dog owner accountable for their canine’s actions. Pet owners must have their animal confined at all times, whether the confinement is in a fenced yard, walked on a leash or inside of their home.

This is important because it is the law and when these laws are broken it will mean that the injured victim with their dog bite attack attorney can file a legal claim holding the dog owner accountable and recovering compensation for the injuries that the victim suffered as a result of the attack.

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Dog on a Leash

Dog on a Leash
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