Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Woman Killed by Neighbor’s Pit Bulls Charges Pending

November 17, 2010-According to reports a woman was killed by her neighbors Pit Bulls and charges could be pending against dogs owner.

According to police who are seeking to charge the owner of the Pit Bulls November 2nd Christina Casey was found dead in her backyard. Casey who lived in Marino Valley was found with dog bites to her throat and body and according to her brother Bill Casey, she was in the process of moving partially because of the dogs.

Bill Casey stated that the two Pit Bull dogs broke through the fence over and over, and the dog’s owner was called repeatedly to get the dogs and repair the fence. According to Sgt. Jaime Briones a forensic dentist concluded the two dogs mauled the 53 year old Riverside County woman, with the fatal bite one to the throat.

Police have stated the owner has been cooperative during the investigation and the two Pit Bulls were euthanized on Tuesday. According to Sgt. Briones, investigators plant to present the case to the Riverside County district attorney’s office. They will seek charges of involuntary manslaughter or neglect charges against the owner of the Pit Bulls. The canines owner name has not been released.

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