Thursday, August 20, 2009

When A Dog Goes Bad—The Results Can Be Painful

When a dog goes bad—the results can be painful, because the only way a dog has to protect themselves when they fear something is to bite. The amount of dog bites per year that is reported number in the thousands, many of which are dogs that normally would not be aggressive.

Dogs like people can have bad days in Palisades and other neighborhoods, and that can get them into trouble if they lash out and bite an unsuspecting victim. Many times this victim can be a child, because children think of all canines as soft and cuddly. This alone might frighten a dog that is not used to having children around them and that is when a dog goes bad—the results can be painful to the child cuddling them.

There are thousands of reported dog bites attacks each year and not all of the people that are bitten are attacked by an unfriendly canine like a junk yard watch dog. Instead it is a friend’s family pet that has lashed out, either because they are afraid of strangers, or even the way they are approached. The warm weather of summer in Palisades can also affect how a pet feels and reacts.

Dog bites are painful, whether they are a flesh wound or go to the bone and the size of the dog does not necessarily dictate how deep or vicious the bite will be. Even small dogs are known for causing painful bites and no matter the size of the dog or the extent of the bite it is important to seek medical care.

The medical care might mean more than one visit for treatment and there are some dog bites that require surgery and physical therapy, along with therapy to get over the fear of canines, when a dog goes bad- the results can be painful.

When a dog bite attack does take place the first thing that should be done is to seek medical treatment and one of the other things that should be done when the dog bite victim is able, is to contact an Orange County dog bite attack attorney. This is an attorney that is experienced in dog bite injuries and one that has knowledge of the laws involving canine attacks. They are also experienced in handling claims with finesse with family or friends that are the pet owner and aggressively when the claim involves insurance companies.

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