Monday, August 3, 2009

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Attack

Dog bite attacks happen more often than most people think in Orange County and even in Newport Beach. The national statistics for dog bite attacks each year are in the tens of thousands and many are serious injuries.

The furry cuddle family pet is not always the friendliest dog to strangers or when it feels threatened. This makes the canine a dangerous animal, one that is able to injure a person even when it is not a large dog, it can be a small breed dog, or even a puppy. Canine teeth are very sharp, and they are capable of piercing flesh easily.

Dog bite attacks can cause punctures, rips, and tears in the skin, there can be damage to the tissue and muscle. These types of injuries can require not only medical treatment of plastic surgery and other types of surgery, along with therapy. This is because a dog bite is not like a cut or gash, the wounds and scaring can be much deeper and more serious.

One of the steps that need to be taken when there is a dog bite attack is first to seek medical care. The initial treatment will be at an emergency room in the hospital in most cases, and this will need follow-up care to treat the wound. This will be one of the steps to take a after dog bite attack, receiving ongoing care until the wound is healed and this can include surgery or therapy.

Steps to take after dog bite attack them and it was in Newport Beach is to seek the assistance of an experienced dog bite personal injury lawyer. This is because there are medical expenses, therapy, loss of work, and other expenses that are incurred from this dog bite attack. The dog bite laws and state of California are very clear, the owner can be held responsible for the actions of their canine whether it's a small breed with large breed of dog.

The lawyer that is not skilled dog bites will not be able to represent a dog bite attack victim as well as the attorney that handles these types of cases regularly and knows the California animal laws. These laws and a place to provide the dog bite attack victim and pulling the owner responsible after their canine has bitten someone and this includes financial responsibility.

When a dog bite attack occurs in Newport Beach after seeking medical care than next step is to seek the experienced Orange County dog bite attack lawyer.
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