Monday, June 15, 2009

Dog Attack Statistics And California Laws

The dog Attack statistics show that there are millions of people bitten by dogs every year, this includes bites that are extremely serious, that include as many as 6,000 people that have been hospitalized. One of the highest numbers in the statistics for dog bites are children, and often the canine is a family member, neighbors, or friend.

Dog attack statistics and the California Laws, include the dog attacks that occur in Los Angeles, these dog attacks that include children are in many cases serious, because they receive bites to the face. Statistics show that as many as 77 percent of the dog attacks involving children result in bites to the face, neck and head.

The dog bite attack that involves a child is not only serious, but it can have long lasting affects, including fright, nightmares and fear of canines. Medical costs can be extremely expensive, because not only is there the bite that will need medical attention, but there is often surgeries, including scar removal surgery at a later time after the wounds have healed.

When a child is involved in dog attack statistics and California laws, this means the parents need to be represented by a skilled dog attack lawyer, to ensure their child is protected. This protection includes getting the best possible recovery possible to pay for current medical bills, future medical bills and therapy when needed.

Being a part of these statistics are not fun, and they have the protection of the California laws, because dog owners are held responsible for their pet, even when they are not present when the dog attack occurs. Owning a pet is a responsibility, that includes keeping their dog under control at all times, and making sure, they are up to date on their shots. This is something that the parents of a child bitten by a canine needs to be concerned with, that the animal is up to date on their shots. This because not only are there things like rabies to be concerned with, there are other diseases. Infection is also a large problem with dog bites, it is a myth their mouths are clean and germ free.

When there is a dog bite attack in the city, there are skilled dog attack Los Angeles attorneys. These attorneys understand the California laws that will help to protect the dog attack victim, and provide for their current and future medical bills.

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