Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Help, I'm Being Bitten and the Dog Won't Stop

Stop you're biting me! How many times have you said that to your own dog? Did you know that puppies if they are not trained well in puppy hood would grow up to be biters? Since dogs were once pack animals they would bite to warn their fellow pack members if the play was getting too rough. It was and is a natural instinct they have.
But you must train your dog to control that instinct to bite when interacting with people. Every month dog owners can be heard telling dog obedience instructors "Help, I'm being bitten and the dog won't stop!" Training is expensive but the price not anywhere nears the costs you can incur if you do not have your dog trained. Do you know the penalties for not training your dog to control his bite behavior? In Santa Monica, there is a rule of law.

It is called "the first bite rule"? Each state will have it's own dog bite rules. Personal Injury lawyers are well versed in the laws of their state. If the dog owner can prove that they were acting responsibly but their dog still bit someone, they will not be held liable for the first bite. If there is a leash law in the community, the dog owner will have to prove that they were obeying that law by keeping their animal on a leash. The first bite rule would not be in effect if the dog owner knew their pet had the tendency to bite.

The dog owner is liable when their dog bites and can be sued in a court of law for damages. However the dog owner will not be liable if he or she can prove that the victim provoked the dog or if the victim was a trespasser. Santa Monica and other cities throughout Orange County all have dog bite lawyers who have many experiences in cases of this type. The owners of dogs used in military exercises or police work will not be held liable if their dogs bite. The dogs are actually working and doing their jobs in these cases.

Dog bites can cause serious bodily damage to the victim. There can be the after affects of the trauma of being bitten and attacked by a dog. Post Traumatic Stress can develop. Victims of dog bites should seek out qualified Dog Bite Attorneys as soon as possible after a dog bite. California is famous not only for fun in the sun, but also for dogs at the beach and off the leash. Lacerations, cuts and bruises as well as rabies from dog attacks in CA require California dog bite lawyers in cities like Redondo Beach, Dog Beach, Ocean Beach, and even Santa Monica dog bite attorneys when attacked on the west-side in LA County.

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Dog on a Leash

Dog on a Leash
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