Monday, July 7, 2008

Close Call In Santa Monica For Police and Potential Dog Attack

The Santa Monica Police officer walked quickly out of the locker room. With any luck, his shift would be uneventful tonight. First call was a petty theft that he handled it with ease. The rest of his shift was filled with traffic stops. Anticipating a quiet meal, he was irked when he got a call to respond to reports of a motorcycle theft.

As he drove up to the house, he was not expecting what happened next. He got out of his patrol car and headed up the walkway to the house to take the report. There was a man working on his car in the driveway. Two small children were out in the front yard playing in the sprinklers. Just then, he heard a low growl. A large dog aggressively approached giving a threatening growl.

It all happened so fast. The officer quickly drew his weapon, pointing it at the dog. “Hey mister, call off your dog or I’ll have to shoot him!” he yelled at the man under who was now under the car. No response. The officer almost took his shot but just then the two little kids ran down the sidewalk to run into the house.

The dog stopped. His muzzle was at the officer’s crotch. By then the officer was touching the dog’s head with the barrel of his gun, he could feel the dogs’ hot breath on him. For some reason the dog just looked up at the officer but did not bite.

Finally the backyard mechanic called his dog off. That was a close call in Santa Monica!

If it could happen to a police officer it could happen to you. Dog bites in Los Angeles County cities like Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, and Los Angeles are common. The stray dog roaming the street or your own family pet can be known to bite. Dogs bite small children quite frequently. Any dog can bite given the right set of circumstances. Some breeds are well known for their biting tendencies. Man’s best friend can quickly become a menacing foe for any stranger walking down the street.

A dog bite can cause great pain and take a long time to heal. Not only are they physically painful but they can also cause great monetary damage to the victim. A Dog Bite Attorney can help you be compensated for your pain and injuries. The experts know the law and know just how to win your claim. Various factors can come into play when trying to win a personal injury claim. Hopefully you will not have your own close call in Santa Monica but if you do, contact a qualified Personal Injury Lawyer for help.
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