Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cop Bitten by a Dog on New Year’s Day

ANDERSON (Gym Shwortz) — About one after the year turned to 2008, a man who was swearing abusively and who was holding a champagne bottle was arrested when he allowed his dog to attack a police officer. The officer was hospitalized for an animal bite and the drunken man was charged with public disorderly conduct.

Police are searching for the two dogs with the owner. Only one of the dogs went on the attack, but both left the dog attack scene that took place at approximately 1 a.m. New Year’s Day.

The facts relate that officer Jada Burgin was attacked by the dangerous animal when she was at the 200 block of F Street. Officer Burgin, a female cop, went back on duty and manned up shortly after being treated for her wounds.

The attack took place after officer Burgin responded to a report of a yelling contest between Defendants James Powell Jr., 29, and his sister, Jamie Powell. Apparently Mr. Powell started yelling at his dogs and Officer Burgin went towards the noise, she came back into the house and stated she had been bitten by one of the dogs at the premises, according to the official police report.

“It is not known if (Mr. Powell) let the dog out or if had escaped,” Stated officer Warren. If you were wounded by a dog in a major city it is very important to get medical care and to retain an experienced dog bite injury attorney.

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