Thursday, December 6, 2007

Police Need Info About West Side Dog Bite :: 888-400-9721

Los Angeles, California — 12-6-07

Due to a loose dog, the the Department of Public Health is trying to find information about a lone dog that bit a woman this Saturday at approximately 9:30 a.m. The animal attack happened on Glenway Street between Regent and Hillcrest according to news reports.

The initial reports indicate that a female jogger was chased down and bitten by a little, cream-colored "Shih Tzu-type" dog. It was stated that the dog attacked while on a leash! This is based upon a release from the Dane County Department of Public Health. The press release states that if the dangerous animal is not found, the animal attack victim may be required to complete painful and expensive rabies injections.

Anyone with information regarding the dog attack while on a leash incident is asked to call the police and fire dispatcher at 255-2345 and ask for the animal services officer. Even if you were injured by a dog in a city like Newport Beach, call us at 888-400-9721

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Dog on a Leash

Dog on a Leash
Even while on a leash a dog can attack